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Bilongo Social Club started in 2023 as a place for salsa music lovers to get together and dance over the sound of salsa music on vinyl. In Bilongo Social Club we want to share the good feeling of salsa and our latin culture, and we invite you all to join us in our journey through music.

We host a monthly party where you can come, dance and enjoy the tunes of famous and lesser-known salsa artists, converse with your friends, join the crowd with our percussion instruments, or simply sip a drink and contemplate the atmosphere.

Bilongo Social Club is born as the result of the partnership of DJ AlexGee and DJ Vito. True melomaniacs and avid collectors, Alex Gee and Vito created Bilongo Social Club with the intention to share their passion and view for Latin music. The experience for the dancers is the main subject in Bilongo, joining as such a historical building with the warm sound of a vinyl on a superb sound system. This creates the perfect equation where both beginners and advanced dancers can equally enjoy. AlexGee and Vito work together to bring a combination of experience and freshness to the salsa scene in The Netherlands.

Our next events are announced on, where you can also buy tickets to save your spot.

Please visit our website for more information.


Heb je interesse om het TOLHUIS te huren of heb je vragen? Stuur ons een berichtje!

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